Season 3 begins with a conversation with Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine Editor-in-Chief Dr. Nancy Collop on the 15th anniversary of the journal. A special anniversary collection highlights some of the most significant original research articles published in JCSM along with new commentaries from today’s experts on the lasting impact of the research. Review the complete collection and listen as Drs. Collop and Khosla discuss some of the papers and how they have impacted the practice of sleep medicine.

In the year’s final episode of Talking Sleep, Dr. Asha Singh of the AASM Coding and Compliance Committee highlights changes to evaluation and management codes coming in 2021. Providers and office staff need to be aware of the updates, which include options to bill based on total time or medical decision-making. AASM members also can view this free E/M coding webinar for more information.

This episode of Talking Sleep features Dr. Rami Khayat, a leading central sleep apnea researcher. Dr. Khayat discusses the challenges in scoring, diagnosing and treating CSA and why it’s important to test for it in heart failure patients. He also describes a current clinical trial studying the impact of low-flow oxygen on patients with CSA and heart failure.

Race and place have far-reaching consequences for sleep health. In this episode of Talking Sleep, Dr. Dayna Johnson, a sleep epidemiologist at Emory University, explains her research into the social and environmental factors that contribute to sleep health disparities as well as the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on minorities. She also discusses how the sleep medicine community can take action to improve health equity, raise awareness of sleep benefits and improve access to care.

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